5 suggestions For summer Time Themed Gift Baskets

Chunky knits . . . aaaahhhhh this Examiner’s fav. I love love love my chunky sweaters. I think nothing looks better than a thick cable knit sweater, with a vest [I prefer the faux fur ones personally], a pair of jeans [boot cut], topped off with a cute pair of boots or sneaks. And the hat must be the floppy ears with an accenting faux fur color around the brim. Now guess who is looking fabulous on this day . . . no not me silly – YOU!!!

Meanwhile, military families wait and pray and college care package ideas at no cost to us and visit the wounded, attend funerals also attended by protesters, and some receive dread news as did the Kelly family.

When you find yourself in a time crunch to get that perfect gift ideas for girlfriend gift (my website) him, here are a few last-minute deployment gifts. There is no need to panic; stores in every town have a wide variety of appropriate gifts available for that special man in your life.

Pearl rings, bracelets and necklaces are a best way of expressing your love for her and instead of giving her white or cream-colored pearls, give her different colored pearls, such as chocolate, black, pink, blue or green.

For me, it was my brothers and sisters. We grew up in a military family and we moved a lot, typically in the summer time. So, my playmates were my siblings. Think about your favorite play-mate as a child – what are the qualities and characteristics that come to mind? Who do you spend fun times with now? How often? Often enough? What benefit would there be, in your life and in your energy, if you were to connect with a play-mate and make time to have more fun with that person – now (not tomorrow!)?

Today, the American soldier is asked to do the impossible in Afghanistan. Operating under rules of engagement that make them sitting ducks, American soldiers are asked to secure huge areas, fight multiple enemies with one hand tied back, feed and protect civilians, win hearts and minds, and avoid prosecution from our own government for the slightest infraction, even as they are expected to engage nation building.